Create Heatmaps in PHP (and other languages)

I’ve added new heatmaps to player and goalie pages. I am using the same information as the zone charts and just displaying it in a different way.

There are three steps to creating heatmaps.

  1. Create a gradient
  2. Create an alpha image of the heatmap (I’ll explain what that is later)
  3. Using the alpha image, colour points on the heatmap using the gradient

I did this in PHP, but can easily be adapted to other languages.

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Streamable’s “Hidden” API Options (set the title of a Streamable video)

You might have, in the past, tried to upload videos to Streamable. You may even have looked at the Streamable API

You’ll notice there’s no documented way to set the title of your videos.

Thankfully, this is really easy to do.

Simply add the title get parameter to your request!


Your imported videos will now have a title!

League Support

I’ve added a new feature to IcyData that I am calling ‘League Support’ — it will allow you to switch between leagues.

I’ve made this change in preparation of adding some other leagues to IcyData. Namely the AHL, CWHL and if possible the NWHL.

Currently available are the NHL and the World Cup of Hockey.