Streamable’s “Hidden” API Options (set the title of a Streamable video)

You might have, in the past, tried to upload videos to Streamable. You may even have looked at the Streamable API

You’ll notice there’s no documented way to set the title of your videos.

Thankfully, this is really easy to do.

Simply add the title get parameter to your request!


Your imported videos will now have a title!

League Support

I’ve added a new feature to IcyData that I am calling ‘League Support’ — it will allow you to switch between leagues.

I’ve made this change in preparation of adding some other leagues to IcyData. Namely the AHL, CWHL and if possible the NWHL.

Currently available are the NHL and the World Cup of Hockey.


Shot and Goal Heatmaps

I’ve had the feature up for a few days now, but I forgot to post about it here.

I’ve added player pages (haven’t done goalies just yet, but working on it!). These player pages contain stats from the last 10 games, all the seasonal data that IcyData has on the players and some shot and goal heat maps.

You can check out Patrick Kane’s page.

You can also compare the heatmaps for the player vs the league.

Patrick Kane Shot Heat Map