Shot Location Data

I’ve started collecting NHL shot location data and am currently developing ways to display it!

I’m thinking some sort of period by period display of shots posted to the new Twitter!

Here is an example of Montreal v Toronto on October 7th, 2015

I found the rink image in the official NHL rule book (and it’s to scale!)

As well as when the game is finished.

I’m also looking to post where exactly goals are scored.

Undefined index: name in Propel/Runtime/Util/Profiler.php

While doing some development with Propel 2 I encountered this error message:

Undefined index: name in Propel/Runtime/Util/Profiler.php

Despite the fact if you add a name entry you would get this error:

Unrecognized option “name” under “propel.runtime.profiler.details.time”

It was supposed to be fixed with Propel 2.0.0-alpha5 but wasn’t.

Changing my composer to use dev-master fixed the issue. While not optimal, not a big deal if you run with composer.lock

You can see the issue I opened on GitHub here: